My foodie philosophy has always been guided by the saying "everything in moderation". I'm not vegan or vegetarian or paleo or raw or low carb or anything special. There's nothing wrong with those diets and some of my best friends subscribe to them. I try to limit my intake of red meat, sugars, processed foods, and try to eat whole grain, low fat, and high fiber as best I can. I'm not trying to lose weight or gain weight or cleanse or anything radical. I feel that eating should be a balance between enjoying the amazing tastes, smells, textures that food has to offer, but at the same time respecting your body, being health conscious, and having a healthy relationship with food.

I hope I'm not sounding like some sort of guru here. Because sometimes I eat a giant plate of buffalo wings and fries and have no remorse (until I suffer from eternal thirst from salt overload for 3 days). I also love going to beer and wine tastings (see my favorite things), but drink water or hot tea pretty much the rest of the time. I think you should buy local, non-GMO, and organic, if possible. Hopefully I'll be starting my own garden soon!

I am currently trying to determine if I have a dairy allergy so dairy-free recipes may be appearing more and more. Although, I cheat in small amounts every once and a while (I can't give up the amazing world of cheese - gouda, feta, mozzarella, yum!).

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